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Mick Cornett, Mayor Trustee

Mick Cornett was appointed Mayor Trustee, April 25, 2009, after the approval of an amendment to the original Trust indenture adding the Mayor Trustee and two additional Trustee positions.

Mr. Cornett has served as the Mayor of the City of Oklahoma City since 2004. Under Cornett’s leadership, the City has seen the final completion of MAPS 1, the implementation of MAPS for Kids, and the passage and implementation of MAPS 3.  During his tenure, Oklahoma City’s economy has been one of the strongest in the nation.  The Mayor is a national leader on municipal issues, and serves as President of the nation’s Republican mayors.

Mayor Cornett was an all state athlete at Putnam City High School and graduated from the University of Oklahoma.  He spent twenty years in local television before being elected to the City Council in 2001.  He is now an Executive Vice President of Ackerman McQueen, and was recently named “Advertising Man of the Year” by the OKC Ad Club.  He and his wife Lisa have three grown sons.