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FAQ: Do I have the right ID to fly?

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

For domestic travel in 2015, one government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, is sufficient. Children under 18 do not require a photo ID. For international travel, you will need a U.S. passport. For a complete list of acceptable identifications go to: TSA Acceptable ID page

In 2016, this may change when enforcement of the Federal REAL ID Act of 2005, related to boarding domestic aircraft, takes effect. Details about REAL ID can be found here.

Oklahoma is one of several states that has not yet complied with REAL ID. If this is still the case in 2016, travelers planning to fly commercially in the United States with a State of Oklahoma issued license may need to obtain another acceptable type of federal identification. In most cases, this will be a valid U.S. passport.

If you have further questions, please visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security REAL ID page.



New Flight Tracker Features on flyokc.com

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

For years, the Trak-A-Flight tool on flyokc.com Flight Tracker has given travelers, friends and families the ability to monitor the status of a flight without the inconvenience of standing in front of an information monitor. By entering an airline name and flight number, a user can see the location of a flight – in the air, arriving or still at its original destination. Now two new features added to flyokc.com Flight Tracker are making it even easier to keep tabs on a flight.

First is the Airport Delays tool. Tailored specifically to show airports served from Will Rogers World Airport (WRWA), this new tool shows a green status for an airport with minimal delays. Yellow or red are shown when delays are more severe. The severity of the delays will differ from airport to airport. If a yellow or red status is shown, users can gather more specific information by following the social media accounts and by visiting the websites of those airports.

Second, sometimes it helps just to see the location of a plane and whether or not it is en route to its destination. Trak-A-Flight can provide the location of one plane, but the new Air Traffic tool shows the locations for all planes currently arriving and departing WRWA. In addition, rain and snow conditions are included giving users a helpful picture of their flight’s status.

These new tools, along with Trak-A-Flight, make it easy to follow the status of flights at WRWA. This is especially helpful during the winter season when wintry weather can snarl airline schedules across the U.S. Whether taking a flight or picking up friends and family, let flyokc.com Flight Tracker keep you informed.