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Terminal Drive Cell Phone Waiting Area Opens

June 15, 2020

New Location Improves Access to Terminal

OKLAHOMA CITY, June 15, 2020 – Last week, construction crews put the final touches on a new cell phone waiting area at Will Rogers World Airport. The new area provides 195 parking spaces, improved access to and from Terminal Drive, LED lighting for enhanced visibility, as well as a flow-through design that maximizes parking and means drivers never have to back in or out of a parking space.

Signage on southbound Terminal Drive will direct drivers to the new waiting area. The entrance is just south of the Amelia Earhart Lane intersection.

The cell phone waiting area is not only a convenient amenity, it helps to improve traffic circulation at the terminal. More cars in the waiting area usually translates to less congestion in the lanes next to the building. And because city ordinance designates the terminal curbside for active loading and unloading only, use of the waiting area also helps drivers avoid a citation.

A quick reminder, proper use of a cell phone waiting area means receiving a passenger’s call or text from the curb before approaching the terminal. The passenger should always be ready to load in the vehicle as soon as the driver arrives.

The concept of a cell phone waiting area originated after 9/11 when parking curbside at the terminal was no longer permitted. The original area was located on Terminal Drive and quickly exceeded capacity. A parking lot just north of the air traffic control tower became the temporary location while the airport planned and constructed the new Terminal Drive waiting area.  Returning access to Terminal Drive was an important goal of the project for user convenience and accessibility.

Construction of the project began in November 2019 and total costs were $872,235.35. The contractor was A-Tech Paving. Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc., designed and engineered the project.

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Will Rogers World Airport is the city’s commercial airport and accommodates over 4.4 million travelers each year. Will Rogers World Airport is owned by the City of Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City Airport Trust oversees the management and operation of the airport.