Cockpit of Airplane


Travel Alert: Arrive Early & Travel Smart

May 19, 2016

The TSA, airlines and airport staff continue to remind all travelers to arrive at least 1.5 hours early for domestic flights and 2 hours early for international flights. See the following for additional ways to Arrive Early & Travel Smart:

The Five Most Common Mistakes People Make at the TSA Security Checkpoint: 

1. Arriving late to the airport.

2. Bringing overstuffed carry-ons.

3. Liquids and gels are more than 3.4 ounces and not in a single clear quart-sized bag.

4. Not removing the items the TSA officer tells you to remove (belt, watch, hoodie …)

5. Not having the proper ID or having an expired ID.

Five Tips to Get Screened Faster: 

1. Shed Your Shoes.  Place them in the bin.  Slip-ons make this process easy. Ages 12 and under and 75 or older do not need to remove their shoes.

2. Your Bling Makes it Ding.  Remove all jewelry, watches and belts to avoid setting off the alarms.  Place those items in your carry-on bag so you don’t forget to pick them up.  Avoid wearing clothing with studs or other “bling.”  

3. 3 Is the Magic Number.  Make sure all your liquids and gels are 3.4 ounces or less and in a clear quart-sized bag.  Place the bag in a bin.

4. Lose Those Layers.  Remove your outerwear which includes sports coats, jackets, hoodies and scarves. 

5. Check Your Tech.  Remove all laptops and large electronics from your carry-on luggage and place in a separate bin.  Cell phones, readers and small tablets can stay in your bag.